Sunset Market

Sunset Market

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Round one exhibitors!

Exhibitors and Talanted kids...

We've had an amazingly positive response to the Sunset Market so we had to put our heads together and think about what to do..... that beautiful Victoria Hall was just staring at us from right across the road! In all its glory, the beautiful Victoria Hall is one of Fremantle's finest structures, restored to an amazing standard this just goes to show that historic architecture has so much character within the cities they are bound to. And restoration can be a wonderful thing, helping us to appreciate the character in these amazing structures rather than knocking them down and starting again with something dull, lifeless and grey... The Victoria Hall is a shining example of how restoration can really bring out an amazing building's beauty. So with that in mind we are absolutely delighted to fit into this space and we've not had to shuffle anyone around either - there are so many of you that it will be just enough room!

Yep, there are SO MANY stall holders in line for the Sunset Market .... So if you'd like to have a pre-shop shop, here's a few of our fantastic stall holders and their amazing, handmade wares:

Shiny Rabbit                                                           

notebook eco friendly // geek glasseskuai kuai (faster faster) notebook chinese hand stamped
journal handmade eco friendly // pretty babushkas all in a row          children's sketchbook reusable // cars trucks and boats

Bee & Boo

bows1 headbands 1
hannah 4

Tori Style Japanese pendantFirst Deer print
Tweethearts (2) card

Sorenson dress in yellow READY TO SHIP
 Loop Dress                                               Woven Skirt - waist - Black cotton

That was just a taste!!
Watch this space to meet more of our amazing Designers as well as the Facebook page where you can invite yourself here:

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